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By: Jaipur City Reporter | August 08, 2017

Recently Jaipur Police and City administration conducted Operation Milap where they tried to find any child begging on the streets. The idea was to find the and rehabilitate them in a humane manner.

Well, lo and behold, they couldn't find a single child begging. I think they forgot to check under their own noses. I commute on Shanti path daily where it goes through all the major Government offices and state Parliament, a route heavily traveled by VIPs. I see kids begging everyday in presence of police, if i can see them then sure as hell police can see them too, well unless they chose not to.

These pictures are from today itself, signals full of beggars, especially Children in broad daylight. With at least 6 policeman stationed at the Rambagh Circle

I wish Jaipur Police and City administration actually did their job instead of eyewash. Between all the slogans and twitter bravado the actual ground work has taken a back seat.

But is anyone listening?


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