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By: Jaipur City Reporter | September 04, 2017

Jaipur Police conducted two anti Drink and Drive slogan campaigns in July, first on 10th July, Second one on 20th July. I participated with multiple entires on Twitter. I noticed that some people were just copying it from the Internet hence i suggested them to check for Plagiarism which was also picked up by Times of India news.

Times of India featuring my Tweet

But they didnt announce any result for a long time, upon my repeated requests they selected one of their own favorites from first Contest, I pointed out that the slogan they selected was plagiarized from BRO and they removed it in 10 minutes. Since then i have been asking them when would they declare the results but instead of answering they blocked me from Twitter.

How can you block an honest taxpayers from government's twitter account who did nothing but to ask for the results. Is there any accountability left in the system. Will Madam Vasundhara Raje take an action against them? Is there any law left in his country, or its andher nagri chopat raja?

I am determined to take it to the end, shame on Jaipur police to shutdown genuine request of a citizen

Screen Shots attached

Copied Slogan

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