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By: Jaipur City Reporter | August 25, 2017

Jaipur, once a well functioning planned city is suffering through one of the worst city administration of its existence. Just a little rain and Jaipur start resembling a banana republic. No one to take care of it Jaipurites are left licking their wounds.

Its a festival season, we all know but city administration is nowhere to be found. Traffic is a mess, roads are clogged with water, poor construction has made major roads and infrastructure to cave in and poor traffic control and disaster management.

Months before Monsoon season roads were dug up in Raja Park for JIO lines, they were just filled with rubbles and sand without any solid repairing. I have been complaining about it to City Mayor Ashok Lahoti and Chief Minister Vasundhra Raje for months but no ears to genuine complaints. They became muddy swamp before creating major traffic and safety hazard with major buses plying on the same roads which are reduced to less then 7 ft, now with further heavy downpour even the mud filling has washed away leaving huge holes in the streets and cars are getting stuck in them.

And you guessed it right, no one in administration gives two hoots about it.

On social media CM and Mayor upload pictures of them planting trees and doing pujas in various offices for show off but no one cares about the city which has elected them.

Reminds me of Nero who was playing flute while Rome was burning... in Jaipur's case its drowning.


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