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By: Jaipur City Reporter | August 28, 2017

Kota Cable Stayed Bridge

Finally the Cable Stayed Bridge over Chambal River at Kota is completed after much delay and mishaps. It surely took its sweet time but end result is amazing. It will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 29the August 2017 from Udaipur.

Its a 1.4 KM long bridge, third longest in India and first in Rajasthan. It has cost 277 crores to the exchequer and involved many nations.

Kota Cable Stayed Bridge

On 24 December 2009, at about 5.30 pm a deadly accident occurred at the ill fated bridge during the construction. The under construction West side of bridge comprising span P4-P3, Pilon P4, Pier P4,and cantilever portion up to segment 10 (each segment being 3.5m) collapsed towards river without any warning signs, killing 48 workers and engineers and injuring few more. It had pushed the completion by another 8 years. But now it seems to be be built with top notch quality.

Chambal bridge collapse

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