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By: Jaipur City Reporter | October 30, 2017

This is the State of cleanliness in one of the most Expensive Areas of Jaipur, Raja Park.
It used to be clean and trash getting picked up every day, but now under new Mayor Ashok Lahoty the pink city has become trash city. 

Mayor Ashok Lahoty has to be worst mayor of Jaipur's history. City once topped the charts in cleanliness looks like a war ravaged sub saharan city and falling in clean city chart faster than rupee falling against dollar.
Its pity the way they think and how out of touch these politicians are from people and the society they claim to represent, picking trash during the day from homes and removing trash bins from neighborhoods was the worst city maintenance decision ever made. In Jaipur, people throw their daily trash after dinner when all the garbage is finalized. No one wants to keep garbage overnight so around 10 is the time when people get rid of trash. But no garbage pick happens post noon.
People still dump trash at the place where dumpster used to be and no one picks it up. They think trash is only generated by homes.
While mayor attends one event from another for photo ops city looks for a leader who can do its job right.

I have made many complaints on Swachh Bharat app many times but no response.I wonder whats the purpose of Swacchta App if it doesnt work.


Veda Massey

Posted on : February 27, 2018

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