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By: Jaipur City Reporter | August 25, 2014

Imran Khan of PTI and Tahir Ul Quadri of PAT have yet again set up their camps in front of PM Nawaz Sharif's house and supreme court since Aug 14th.

Its very interesting how media manipulation works, Pakistan is a true laboratory of this. IK and his religious partner TUQ has been playing with govt despite doing all the things themselves what they blame govt for. IK has support of young and educated while TUQ has support of his mureeds and religious people. Both look determined to oust Nawaz's govt. Its funny how they have made it look like fight for the true democracy.

Doesnt matter if IK has made public calls to drag the IG Police on streets with his throat, or drag PM out of office and do street justice or himself punish any policemen who tries to stop them. They removed barricades (containers) installed by govt and positioned themselves in Red Zone of federal capitol.

Doesnt matter if IK has called people for not paying taxes anymore and not paying electricity bills. His party rules KPK where they refused to collect federal tax but asked people to pay taxes in their own state only. They even threatned the federation if their power is cut then they will stop electricity from power plants in their state to rest of the country.

Doesnt matter if IK has called people for sending money to Pakistan via Hundi/Hawala system which is illegal.

Doesnt matter if he takes U turn on everything. But he managed to make himself look good in front of people. He comes across as hope for the future and a deep intellect. Who cares if he had a jewish wife (now divorced with two sons in london) and got most of his money from Western countries in the form of party donations.
 Who cares if everyone standing next to him is a turncoat from other parties who he used to call corrupt. Be it Javed Hashmi, Shiekh Rasheed, Shah Makdoom Qurashi or Jamshed Dasti.

He himself has been a failure in politics for last 18 years, just like everyone before him he made a deal with the devil. It is pretty obvious that he got backing from army and they are the one writing the script.

If he really wanted to standup for the democracy then he would have first fought the overall dominance of army in internal affairs of Pakistan. Its the army which has ruled the nation for most of its existence, its the army which has never let any government complete its term, its the army who has killed any leader who refuses to cooperate with them, its the army who first harbored the terrorists and now when they are coming home to roost refused to fight them. Army controls the foreign policy and allows Americans to attack Pakistan everyday via drones. But why would he fight them. Not only he cannot but he now is their poster boy.

Time will come when people will ask him question as why he didnt stand up for democracy and instead stood up against a govt however corrupt. He may very well become next PM but he will be remembered by history as the guy who played in the hands of his greed when the country was about to go in right direction.

I am waiting for the result of this dharna, i hope that it doesnt end in a military coup.

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