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By: Jaipur City Reporter | September 15, 2010

Looks like Pakistan is up against another political change in near future. The pretext of it is the criminally incompetent performance of the current government. Not only the government is corrupt to the highest degree, but it is also incompetent. It has done nothing for the people , instead it has been juggling knives to stay in power.
But the incompetence of the Pakistan govt is not point of discussion today. Recently i have been having feeling that another change is imminent this time in Pakistan.
Looks like the political players (puppet masters) which stay behind the curtains are cooking something big this time. The mega floods in Pakistan has given them a launching pad and a reason to intervene.
Zardari is not too wise to handle this storm and his advisers (cronies) aren't sharpest knives in the drawer as well. Lets see what he does to handle it.

The whole thing started with Altaf Bhai inviting the "Patriotic Generals" to take over, then it looks like Musharraf is making a come back too. He already started his movement in England, the third reason is that even the supreme court now has reasons to get rid of the govt.

It doesn't look like that it will be a military coup or a no-confidence motion against the govt. The govt has not been able to implement courts orders ( few were impractical orders i.e. fixing sugar price, few were due to external influence i.e. govt employee refuse to quit after courts orders, most probably he got a signal to do so from the army, and the third reason is the govt didn't want to implement them). It is possible that the court will call army to come and implement their orders and replace the system, that way court will legitimate the rule of the army without breaking the constitution. so this time it is possible that army will be called to protect the constitution which army has broken at its convenience.
There may be a governing setup that involves Army, Altaf, Supreme Court and possibly Imran khan too.
It will be interesting to see what will be the take of Nawaz Sharif, America, India, Pakistan Media and rest of the world.
I dont think anything can happen without wishes of America and approval of the army.
But certainly Nawaz who is next PM in waiting will be be so happy. His future depends on Zardari's completion of its govts term. If Zardari cannot finish his term then how can Nawaz finish his future term as a PM.
India should be happy in both the cases, if this govt continues then every year Pakistan will leg behind India, and if military type setup comes then it will only make country unstable and further drag economy behind to 5-10 years in one go.
The only loser will be Pakistan's people. They are the real collateral in this power game.
But one thing is for sure, there cannot be another political democratic setup to usurp the current govt. It has to be a authoritarian rule.
so lets stay put and see, next one month will be very crucial for this current crisis. If the govt rides this one out then there will be a bigger wave waiting for them in the future. No wonder Zardari is investing in life boats ( foreign mensions) abroad.

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