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By: Jaipur City Reporter | August 28, 2014

I am surprised that there are people who still think what they see on TV is the real reality. There is a difference between a real reality and a reel reality.

Dharna warna se kuch nahi hota. (Sit ins are rarely useful) Why would Nawaz Sharif care if a huge group is sitting on govt property singing and dancing in protest. This doesn't derail any system. I mean if dharna (sit in)  is the only force to topple Nawaz Sharif then he need not worry about anything. People can sit in front of Govt buildings for next 4 years and Nawaz Sharif will not even bat an eye lid.

People have been doing marches (world record holder), dharna, hunger strikes for missing persons of Balouchistan for years and they couldn't even shake city govt.

Technically and in all fairness Islamabad police can and should use force to disperse the crowd which is destroying public property and holding an illegal dharna. But they cannot really do that can they?

Nawaz is scared of Military intervention and Imran Khan himself clarified that in his "third umpire" remarks. So lets not fool any kind soul that this dharna is actually causing troubles to Nawaz Sharif. Revolutions do not come with free concerts and big speeches, especially packed in imported containers.

Script writers are as confused as Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan. They were promised millions of people and few dozen bodies, without that they cannot intervene. Script has gone wrong and no one knows how to fix it. Its stuck in their throats, they  can neither swallow it nor spit it. Tahir ul Qadri and Imran Khan may get their daily instructions from the "third umpire" or should i call them "third empire" but they themselves do not know what is in the lot for next day. All those firing at the Indian border is part of script to divert the attention. In a larger scheme it paints Army as hero fighting arch enemy India.

MQM which is well known as the party of the third umpire was earlier taking a neutral stance but one arrest in London made them fall in line. Seem like everytime MQM fall out of line London police takes some action which acts as noose around MQM's neck and they start following orders.

Not every sane writer who is for real democracy is siding with Imran Khan. Inqulab or revolution is usually pet thing of liberals but in this case no liberal writer agrees with Imran Khan's inqulab. Siding with Imran Khan means siding with third empire in literary circles. While those writers dont want to support Nawaz Sharif in their wildest dreams but Imran Khan is leaving them no choice. Being with Imran Khan doesnt mean being with democracy and not being with Imran Khan doesn't mean being with Nawaz Sharif.

In the end either Nawaz Sharif will have to cut out a chunk of his gosht (body meat) to make the deal or will be dragged out again by men in boots. No one knows what to do, President should have stepped up and asked Raheel Sharif ( the Army chief) to mind his own business and asked police to clear the dharna grounds. Even Supreme Court could have done the same but no one wants to do it. The third force is too strong here.

For now, its Nawaz Sharif paid media fighting Imran Khan paid media and innocent internet patriots are dragged in as fodder in the cannnon.

Imran Khan ko koi mugalta nahi hona chahiye ki end me us ko  hi gaddi milegi. (Imran Khan should take it for granted that in the end he will get the throne)

Talat hussain quoted a Italian proverb, When the chess game is over, the pawn and the king go back to the same box.

Its up to script writers how far they want to take this game but it looks this movie should have been long over. It has dragged too much and there are no winners. Pakistan economy is taking very bad hits pushing country further in to abyss.

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