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By: Jaipur City Reporter | July 21, 2017

Ashutosh, the Senior AAP party leader has developed a habit of shooting himself in foot. Recently, on the election of Ramnath Kovind, a dalit, as 14th President of India, he compared him with first Dalit President KR Narayanan.

It reeks of his bias and pity against Dalits as he didn't consider Ramnath to match any other past President of India.Twitter cannot handle it. Already, very unpopular on Twitter he chew more then he could bite.

Ashutosh wrote

उम्मीद है कि कोविंद जी उस परंपरा और गरिमा को नई ऊँचाई देंगे जो नारायणन साहब ने स्थापित किया ।


Hope that Kovind-Ji will take dignity and honor to a new height that was established by Narayanan.

India had many presidents and KR Narayanan was the first dalit president, t...

By: Jaipur City Reporter | July 08, 2017

Mera Wala Dalit
Mera Wala Dalit

Mera Wala Dalit

It’s a public knowledge now that Ram Nath Kovind is a NDA candidate and Meira Kumar is a UPA candidate for the 14th President’s Elections in July 2017. Much hyped similarity between them is their caste. They both “happened” to be Dalits. I hyphenate the word happened because it’s anything but a coincidence. For both political parties (BJP and the Congress alike) it’s an expression of their admiration for and recognition of Dalits but for a non political commoner like me it’s a stark reminder that looking down upon Dalits and using them for political gains is still so prevalent in modern India.

Much in to symbolism and with elections always in mind, BJP reached out to its dusty old closet and picked up one Dalit from oblivio...