Citizen News Jaipur

By: Jaipur City Reporter | June 13, 2017

Life is so unpredictable, death can strike you at anytime in the most unthinkable way possible.

It breaks my heart to even talk about this unfortunate incident.

In a tragic mishap on 6th June 2017 , five members of two families were crushed to death when a truck carrying salt lost balance and fell over their car. The bodies were mutilated and the body parts of the victims were scratched off the road with brooms after the mishap. The irony was that the bodies and the car were completely buried under the truck and the sacks of salt, so police and people didn’t even know about the deaths until they removed the sacks and discovered the bodies.

The accident killed a couple who had got engaged on February 8. The would-be groom was identified as Rahu...