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By: Jaipur City Reporter | May 01, 2016

The heart of splendour and generosityAsif Noorani The fame of smaller cities almost always rests on one or two places of historical importance. Think of Agra and your mind at once races to the Taj Mahal. Likewise if someone mentions Amritsar, you invariably recall the Golden Temple. In 2014 and 2015 when I crossed the border to participate in literary festivals in Kasauli (Himachal Pradesh) and Kumaon (Uttarakhand), I couldn’t stop in Amritsar, a city which is barely 48 km from Lahore. However, earlier this year, I took a 24-hour trip to Amritsar mainly to feast my eyes on the magnificent structure, and to soak myself in the holy ambience inside what is actually named Harmandir Sahib. The nickname, Golden Temple, was coined and populari...

By: Jaipur City Reporter | September 10, 2014

My Delhi routine
The charm of the city lies not in its historical monuments or famous shopping areas but rather in its culture
By Naila Inayat
On my right, a girl types away rather intensely and time-and-again she looks at the door of the café, while on my left a young couple can’t decide on their weekend plans: movie, dinner, shopping, or all. This is a typical Café Coffee Day (CCD) scene at the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station, a place that is always abuzz with youngsters regardless of whether they are travelling by Metro or not.
Three days into my first ever trip to Delhi and I too have also become a regular CCD guest. It was a three-day ‘South Asian media briefing on climate...