Citizen News Jaipur

By: Jaipur City Reporter | August 28, 2014

I am surprised that there are people who still think what they see on TV is the real reality. There is a difference between a real reality and a reel reality.

Dharna warna se kuch nahi hota. (Sit ins are rarely useful) Why would Nawaz Sharif care if a huge group is sitting on govt property singing and dancing in protest. This doesn't derail any system. I mean if dharna (sit in)  is the only force to topple Nawaz Sharif then he need not worry about anything. People can sit in front of Govt buildings for next 4 years and Nawaz Sharif will not even bat an eye lid.

People have been doing marches (world record holder), dharna, hunger strikes for missing persons of Balouchistan for years and they couldn't even shake city govt.

Technically ...